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16 Apr 2020 - Minor fixes and updates

Recent Updates

In the process of consolidating various TODO lists, emails and error reports into the super-duper new GitHub Project Page I completed a number of small fixes. These were generally those in which it was quicker to fix the problem than raise an issue about it on Github and put it on the project page...

In no particular order, here are the recent changes:

  • Added the flower "iris" as a charge
  • Single bars, bendlets etc. can now be cotticed (multiple bars can NOT be cotticed as there would be too many lines)
  • The "pall inverted" now displays correctly (sumz r hard...)
  • I thought that the fylfot and cross gammadion were the same thing, but they are actually mirror images of each other, so they are now separate charges
  • An escutcheon can be followed by the words "emblazoned with" and variations of the same
  • If the palette was specified in the blazon it was being ignored. Not any more it isn't...
  • Tincturing of the barbs and feathers of the bundle of arrows had been reversed. It has been un-reversed.
  • Charges placed "in bend" and "in bend sinister" now remain upright and do not appear bendwise or bendwise sinister as they did previously.
  • Assorted wording and spelling tweaks that you don't need to worry about, just rest assured that more blazons will be recognised correctly.
  • Various spurious error messages have been eliminated

Yay lockdown.


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