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Posted by: Karl Wilcox

Created on: August 13 2014 at 22:42

Drawshield 2.5 Release - Feature 5: List of Charges

And finally... (and at long last!) there is now a comprehensive list of the charges that Drawshield recognises. It can be found at the link below. The columns are are as follows:

Names - the main an alternate names of the charges, in most cases plurals are recognised as well but are not shown here

Type - A fairly arbitrary categorisation that just helps me find things

Features - parts of the charge that may be assigned a different tincture

Modifiers - words that can be used to change the appearance of the charge

ignored - words that are recognised as part of the charge but are (for the moment at least) ignored

Proper - If there is a proper tincture for the charge it is shown here

SVG - the name of the source data file, or "built-in" if it is internal. Important Note "none" indicates that drawshield recognised the charge but cannot (yet) draw it.

The creation of this file is automated as part of the build process and so should remain up to date with future releases.



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