Charge 2

16 Dec 2018 - Plus the stick...

Happy New Year

More charges have been added! Again the source is the wonderful resource at Traceable Heraldic Art and thanks are due to all the original artists and the curators of the Heraldic Art website.

I am still in the process of updating the "charge finder" but the indvidual pages within the reference section of the user guide have been updated. If all you want to know is what's new then the complete set of new charges can be found below.

Fish & Other Sea-life

  • barbel
  • calamarie (squid)
  • herring (fixed)
  • catfish [haurient embowed]
  • carp [haurient embowed]
  • chabot
  • chabot tergiant
  • generic "fish" (was previously a salmon)
  • goldfish
  • manatee
  • polypus
  • natural sea-horse
  • killer whale
  • whale
  • whale embowed
  • whale spouting
  • whale spouting embowed
  • sea tortoise
  • natural dolphin

Mythical Creatures

  • sea-horse
  • sea-lion
  • sea-lion embowed
  • sea-wolf
  • sea-goat
  • sea-dragon
  • sea-serpent
  • fraunadler (german harpy)
  • harpy rising (arguable nicer than the regular harpy but without features)
  • lamia
  • manticore
  • (improved) merman / triton
  • (improved) mermaid
  • mermaid in her modesty
  • mermaid in her vanity
  • egyptian sphinx
  • greek sphinx (couchant)
  • greek sphinx sejant
  • greek sphinx statant guardant addorsed
  • alphyn passant


  • antelope passant
  • antelope rampant
  • armadillo

Christian Symbols

  • cherub


  • Foot
  • (improved) hand
  • hand clawed
  • hand of benediction
  • pair of hands
  • leg
  • man's head
  • man's head and bust
  • maiden's head
  • maiden's head and bust
  • nude maiden's head and bust
  • (improved) moor's head


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