Translation To English

By following the instructions below you can translate blazons from French or Spanish into English. The result is not 100% perfect but is a good basis for a final translation. The "style" of French is that used in Rietstap's General Armorial, so for example you can copy the blazons from into the box below and get a reasonable attempt at an English translation.

Your translation will appear below. Sometimes there are alternative choices that you can chose from a drop-down menu (if none of the options are right chose "(n/a)" ). You can overtype any of the other translations if they are wrong. As you click in each box the corresponding foreign language word is highlighted in the box below. Unknown words are shown in orange, you will need to look these up in an appropriate dictionary.

At the moment there are about 1,100 words and phrases in each of the translation dictionaries. If you find additional words or phrases that you think should be included please let me know by clicking the button below.

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