El Cóndor Chileno

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a condor displayed plumetty sa and sa grady in annulo
 charcoal jelloped gu grady pink necked scaly pink
 and pink grady pink-rose beaked arg grady in annulo
 metallic-silver legged golden brown grady in annulo
 or armed or grady orange bigger
a hungarian shaped escutcheon fretty or and peach
 in fess point much smaller slightly smaller slightly
a hungarian shaped escutcheon per fess fretty az and
 glacial-blue-ice and fretty gu and ferrari-red in
 fess point much smaller smaller slightly lower charged
 with a mullet gyronny fretty arg and platinum and
 fretty metallic-silver and gray-goose bigger higher
 slightly higher
a naval crown proper bendwise in middle chief very
 much smaller smaller slightly smaller slightly lower

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