Sherlock Holmes' dream

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I and IV
barry of 13 gules and argent
a quarter azure
in first quarter 43 mullet of five argent
II and III
a saltire argent
a fillet saltire gules
a cross argent
a fillet cross gules

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In 1892, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the story "The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor", in which friction arises because a British Nobleman marries an American lady, only for her to leave him because her first husband, presumed dead for many years, turns up alive. The nobleman refuses to accept any of his intended bride's apologies or to talk to the American man, and after he leaves Holmes talks to the American about how he wishes Americans and British could get along better and how in his ideal world the British Empire and United States would be a global empire under the same flag, which he describes as 'quartering of the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes". I have attempted to create what that looks like, here. I used the old 43-star American Flag since there were 43 states in 1982.

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