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BERG, argent, three chevronels gules. 43. VeringEN, or, three stags' horns fesseways in pale azure. 44. Mansfeld, argent six lozenges conjoined throughout gules. 45. HOHENSTEIN, barry of four gules and argent, a pale counterchanged. 46. Per pale {a) TecKLENBERG, argent, three hearts gules ; {b) LiNGEN, azure, an anchor or. 47. SiGMARlNGEN, azure, on a mount in base vert, a stag trippant or. 48. Frankfurt, gules, an eagle displayed argent, armed or. The point of the shield in base is gules. Over the quarterings on the central palar line are three inescutcheons, in the centre the arms of Prussia, i.e. argent, an eagle displayed sable armed, crowned, and charged on the breast and wings with sachsen, and the cypher F.R., holding in the dexter claw a sceptre and in the sinister an orb. This inescutcheon is crowned with the Prussian Crown. The second inescutcheon is that of Brandenberg, viz., argent, an eagle displayed gules, crowned with an electoral bonnet, the wings having sachsen or, on the breast an escutcheon azure, thereon a sceptre in pale or. This inescutcheon is surmounted by an electoral bonnet. The third inescutcheon in base is per fesse in chief or, a lion passant sable, crowned gules, within a bordure compony argent and gules for Nuremburg, in base quarterly argent and sable for HOHENZOLLERN. This inescutcheon is surmounted by a prince's crown

Above the shield is an open helmet gold, lined red, with a mantling sable, lined argent, and upon the helmet the Prussian crown. Supporters — On either side a wild man, wreathed about the head and middle with oak leaves, and each supporting in his exterior hand a banner, the dexter of Prussia, the sinister of Brandenburg. The pavilion is crimson seme alternately of golden crowns and black eagles, and is lined with ermine. On a blue riband, thereon is the Motto—

"Gott mit uns," the pavilion also being surmounted by the Prussian crown, behind which rises a staff, and depending therefrom a forked pennon of Prussia.

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