Error Report Responses - 3

02 Apr 2020 - More replies to error reports

Recent Error Reports

Hello folks, here is a grab bag of fixes, hints and rebuttals arising from recent error reports. Thank you for these, please keep them coming!

Quick Hits

As usual, we'll tackle some of the easy ones first…

with [half] a mullet... - this is quite hard to prase, please use with a half mullet… instead.

eagle displayed with two heads [Argent] - similarly, please use the alternative construction a double headed eagle displayed argent.

In chief 3 [buckheads] - is this the same as in chief 3 stag's heads? Can someone confirm whether a buck is (heraldically) the same thing as a stag...?

an eagle Or charged with an inescutcheon azure gives error message "Charge charged with ordinary not supported". This is correct, to avoid confusion I've made the inescutcheon a a large heater-shaped ordinary that occupies a large area of the field. What you need in this case is the escutcheon, which is a smaller shield that can take varying shapes and be used as a charge.

bordure gules charged with a [semy] [of] lions Or - you do not need the "charge with", just use a bordure gules semy of lions or. "Charged with" is used specifically to place one charge on top of another.

Larger Issues

a torteaux charged with a [bordure] argent - a bordure this specifically (and only) a large ordinary that runs around the inner border of the overall shield, and hence does not really make sense on a charge. In this case you can simulate the effect by using a roundel Argent shown larger, charged with a torteau. I am however also working on some changes to allow simpler charges to be fimbriated, in which case you will be able to do a torteau fimbriated argent. Watch out for this coming soon.

Sable, a cross gules, a saltire gules, a mullet of ten points argent [within] an annulet argent - "within" can mean several different things so I have ducked the issue for the moment, you can probably get the effect you want with Sable, a cross gules, a saltire gules, a mullet of ten points argent shown much smaller an annulet argent.

...charged with an escutcheon azure [charged] with a mullet of... - this should work, and I thought it used to! I will look into this one…

Q: Why can't I adjust the size or position of helmets in the achievement, they obscure the top of the shield?

A: you are correct that this is not currently possible and is unlikely to be, the various parts of the achievement are all very carefully positioned and moving them would break the effect. If you look at many achievements the helmet does indeed obscure the top part off the field, and if this causes a problem it is probably easier to move the affected charges downwards, or make them smaller rather than trying to adjust the position of the helmet.

Questions of Heraldry

Consider the following:

A dragon in annulo gules draws a dragon with its tail in its mouth.

5 dragons in annulo gules in annulo draws 5 dragons with their tails in their mouths, arranged in a circle.

5 dragons in annulo gules should draw what, exactly?

And finally, in:

Argent a chief or a canton gules, should the canton appear on the chief, or below it, on the field?

By contrast, in:

Argent a chief or a quarter gules, the quarter should be on the field, yes?

Answers on a postcard please... (or the reply button below).


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